Facebook Dating is a well-established safety practice for online dating. It presents matches one at a time. Facebook connects billions of people across the world, it is also helping them to hook up and meet the love of their lives. This service recommends potential matches based on Facebook activity to users who opt-in and choose to create a dating profile. Facebook dating relies on dating preferences, mutual friends, and groups. It is also free to use. This service is available on mobile and doesn’t require any extra downloads. However, you can choose to match with people who live nearby, who share the same religion with you or fit certain physical attributes. Searching for specific ethnicities is not an option.

 Facebook Dating 2020 - Dating App Download Free for Singles | Facebook Free Dating 2020 Features

The goal of Face book dating is to form relationships with people they know but are too scared to approach, this is quite an interesting idea. Another interesting thing about this platform is that it has a new “Share Your” plans feature that makes it easier for people to share their locations if they decide to meet up with someone for a date. It shares your location with family or friends that you choose, this makes it easier for loved ones to keep tabs on you in case you decide to meet with a stranger. However, Facebook dating data is kept separate from the rest of your Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile won’t indicate that you are using Facebook dating, and your profile won’t be shown to Facebook friends.

How Do I Set up a Facebook Dating Profile?

Most people assume that Face book dating is a separate app. But it is not, it is built right into your Facebook account. if you have a Facebook account, then you can set up a Facebook dating profile. The dating section grabs some of your information from your other profile. However, before you decide on setting up a Facebook profile, consider your desired outcome. Whether you are looking to meet interesting people, or you want to start a family with the person. To set up a Facebook dating profile, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the menu icon in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Tap on Dating.
  • If you don’t see the dating option, you will need to tap the see more option.
  • You will be taken to the dating section of Facebook.
  • Click on Get Started .
  • Follow the directions for setting up a profile.

In addition, you will need to specify the gender you are looking for, choose a location and upload a nice picture of yourself. Then Facebook will generate a dating profile for you by skipping your non-dating profile. You can now adjust the profile to how you want it. You can add photos and add posts from your Instagram. However, Facebook will start sending you matches, when you get a match, you will get a notification. If you like the person you are matched with, tap the heart icon on your dating feed.


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