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Over the years now users have been trying the Facebook dark mode which has not been launched out yet but recently now Facebook has just rolled out the launching globally. The Facebook dark mode is a new look for the social network that helps replaces the usual brightness and white interface with the black and gray shades for both your mobile and desktop. Although it is a small change but a very important one for as many users that want to make use of it.

Facebook Dark Mode - Dark Mode Setting   Facebook Night Mode Dark Theme Activation for iOS & Android

Although, some users found the white text easier to read on a dark background. The Facebook dark mode is a refreshing alternative to the part of standard color scheme, but note that is not the only major reason why menu users want to switch to it there are much more, and also the jury is out on how the cutting down of the blue light cause it actually helps you sleep better at night, while the darker interface only reduces the glare when you are still using the app after dark.

Facebook Dark Mode Theme Activation for Desktop Settings

  • Recently Facebook has been making effort to opening a new design for its desktop site, over months now, although the launching is not yet complete for its use with an optional dark mode features which will be rolling out now to users globally.
  • When it has been updated you will see a notification at the top of the screen asking if you want to try out the Facebook new-look. After you have accepted you will be automatically switch to the dark mode from the settings menu.
  • While you are still waiting to receive the new design, you can as well make use of the Google Chrome to “force” the Facebook dark mode on. Thou its not the same as the official dark mode will but not far from it either.
  • And also, be sure if you have the latest chrome version. If not just go to the main menu and click on” Help” and then “About Google Chrome, then the browser will find and install any available updates automatically.
  • Go to the search bar and enter the chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark, to enable you change the first drop -down box you see from there to Default and also Enabled. You will be asked to relaunch the browser, so while working make sure all your work is been saved first.
  • Next is re-open the chrome, there you will find out that every site you have opened and worked on, including Facebook has now inverted colors very appropriate. But still its not yet perfect (sometimes some parts of white images are shown black incorrectly), but still it works quite well.
  • When you want to change back all you have to do is go back to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and change the setting to Default.

Facebook Dark Mode Theme Activation for Android and iOS Setting

  • Facebook is also checking out a new design for Android which offers dark mode option. And again, this feature is currently available to testers group chosen seemingly at random.
  • The Facebook dark mode is still on progress and some users who have managed to get a sneak peek and it seems to still be unfinished by switching between dark and light modes.
  • Basically, now there is no sign yet dark mode is working for iOS, but don’t be surprised that its far behind as the two mobile apps share a lot of the same assets.
  • By using Google chrome, you can as well experience the dark side on your tablet or your phone enter chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark on the search bar and change the flags Android web contents dark mode and the Android Chrome UI dark mode to Enabled. After you are done with it log into Facebook by using the chrome browser and enjoy the new look.
  • When you want to deactivate the two switches go back to the process and enter chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.
  • To activate it on Facebook messenger because dark mode is already available on it simply click on your profile picture and click on the Dark mode switch.