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Facebook avatar is characters, diagrams, pictures drawn out of 9the imagination of the person image or cartoon animation. This app is also similar to the Snapchat app but they are two different apps. It a good app loved by everyone to create images of their selves. Facebook avatar is an animated cartoon picture you create through the use of the Facebook avatar creator. When you create your avatar, you can share them on your News Feed, Comment, and also Profile Picture. Likewise, you can screenshot and share them on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, you can as well share them on your timeline.

Facebook Avatar - Make your Own Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar App

In terms of using your avatar on Facebook, your animated cartoon pictures can be used as your profile pictures, while commenting on other people’s posts. You can upload your avatar in the comment box, you can as well post it on your Facebook stories and Facebook messenger app.

How to Create a Facebook Avatar

To create an avatar, you need something to get started, here I will be listing those items needed and how to do it, so all you have to do is follow the steps that will be listed here and be able to create something beautiful for yourself.

  • Make sure your android device is connected to your network services or Wi-Fi to enable you to create your avatar.
  • Login into your Facebook app on your android device.
  • Go to the icon that shows on the right corner of your homepage screen. It looks like a three-line vertically.
  • Scroll down and click on see more. Then select your avatars if it a male or female.
  • Tap next to get started.
  • Choose the skin you want to use for your avatar tap on it then click on next.
  • Then you can choose the kind of hairstyle color for your avatar. Either long, short, or medium size.
  • Choose the kind face you want to use for your avatar, complexion, and face line that will match.
  • Choose the kind of eyes you want for your avatar and the color you want it to be.
  • I need to you can also put on glasses for your avatar.
  • Then correctly fix the nose and mouth.
  • Choose the breads that will match the hair color of your avatar.
  • Choose a body shape for your avatar that will make it look beautiful.
  • Then choose your avatar outfit if it a girl she should wear a girl cloth that will match her shape and if it a boy he should look handsome in his clothes.
  • Click on the next icon and then done your avatar is ready to be published.

People nowadays use Facebook avatar to create images of people or their self. It creative and look nice just like arts, drawings made out of imaginary or by drawing it from a book.

How to Change your Avatar

You can as well change the avatar you created when you feel it outdated by following these steps to help you change the avatar to a better one.

  • Firstly, login into your Facebook app on your android devices.
  • Scroll down and click on see more just like we did before when creating an avatar.

Tap on the avatar and get started by changing the features you used before, after changing everything you want to change just click on the done icon and you would see a different avatar that you created.


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