are you single? And tired of being single, eHarmony is an online dating website and Mobile app with a compatibility system technology and matching process. However, the platform has made over 2 million people found love both in their community and around the world. Eharmony is known for creating a meaningful relationship that will work out best for both parties. Also, it can lead to a long term love and marriage, where the platform is known for the number 1 trusted dating site. And a platform for a real relationship and connection for free to meet a partner of your choice.

eHarmony - How to Download eHarmony App | eHarmony Sign Up

Creating an account on eHarmony allows you to complete our compatibility quiz where the answers are compulsory to help you find your matches. However, after finding a match on the platform you can use various communication options for conversations such as icebreakers and smiles. Also, you get to tag and favorite your most liked Matches and go to the next phase of the relationship. You also get the benefit to view profiles and know more about what you are chatting with and know where they are from. You can also set a notification to know when matches visit your profile where some features are for the Basic and premium services.

How to Download the eHarmony App?

eHarmony is a platform for Marriage mind people looking for a serious and long term commitment. However, after creating an account you might want to download the Mobile app. On your phone which is available on various devices. Such as Android and iPhone App store for free, and you can keep up with conversations with your matches. Here are a few steps on how to Download the EHarmony App;

On Android;

  • Launch the Google play store on your Android device.
  • Click on the top of the page on the Play store to input your App Keyword.
  • The app with the Love icon with many cool colors is your App.
  • Click on Download to start downloading and wait till download finish to install

On iPhone;

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone Device.
  • Navigate to the search icon at the bottom corner of the page. Click on the search icon and input your App keyword.
  • The app with the Love icon with many cool colors is your App.
  • Wait for the on-screen instruction to continue downloading the Delivery service app.

eHarmony cost

You can create an account on the platform for free and you can create a personal profile with a basic free membership. However, eHarmony allows users to use the platform with some limited functionality for the Basic free membership. Also, If you want full access to the platform you will need to subscribe to one of the 3 basic membership options below;

  • 6-month plan for $29.90 per month.
  • 3-month plan for $29.95 per month.
  • 1-month plan for $59.95

The platforms largest demographic is for people age 25 to 35 years with 10 million active users which you will be matched with. However, for regular membership prices, you can sometimes find promotional codes and special offers on the platform.


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