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Most times, we find it difficult to manage and organize our files. And we don’t exactly know how to solve this problem. Relax, because I got a perfect suggestion for you in today’s write-up. I hereby, introduce to you one of the oldest and popular cloud storage services known as “Dropbox “. I know the question in your mind now is, what is Dropbox and features of Dropbox or can I use Dropbox for free? Dropbox is one of the popular file hosting services, that helps to bring all your files together in a single folder on your device.

Dropbox - What is Dropbox & How Does it Work | Download Dropbox

Furthermore, Dropbox is often referred to as a Cloud Storage Service. Also, it allows you to transfer files to your cloud and also share them with friends and families. Aside from Cloud storage, drop box offers File synchronization, Personal Cloud, and Client software. This means you can back up and sync all your personal files like your Photos, Videos, and other important files.

Can I Use Dropbox for Free?

In the meantime, Dropbox, offers all its users a free version and a paid subscription plan. For the free version, drobox is said to use the freemium business model. Users of the Cloud storage service, can create a free account and are given a two gigabytes storage space. You also While the Dropbox plus, gives all its users more storage capacity and also an additional feature of the free version.

What are the Features of Dropbox?

Dropbox offers all its users an amazing and intriguing feature. The features of Dropbox are what make the online file hosting service, stand out among others. No much talk, below are the features of Droupbox:

  • It helps to store and organize all your files for easy access
  • Dropbox help to sync your file
  • It allows you to back up all your files
  • Cloud storage
  • Smart Sync
  • Content Collaboration
  • Droupbox is safe and secure to use

Also, Drop box provide you with all the Productive tools to manage all your files with ease and zero stress. Subscribing, for the Drop Plus even gives you an unlimited feature, which includes you can access your files offline, Recover or delete files within 30 days and so much more.

Does Dropbox have an App?

Meanwhile, Dropbox have an App for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux Computers. Also, you can download the Dropbox App on your iOS, Windows phones, tablet, and android device by visiting your play store or Apple store. You can also access the Droupbox via its website. However, check the outlines below on how to download the App on your device.

Dropbox Download for Desktops

As earlier said Dropbox can be access or download on your Mac, windows and Linux. Here are the steps to download the App on all of the earlier mentioned device:

  • Go to your desktop web browser
  • Visit the official website https://www.dropbox.com/individual
  • Scroll down and click on Dropbox Desktop App
  • Then, you will be taken to the next page
  • Click on Download Dropbox

After that, the App will immediately start downloading on your device. Procced to launch and open the App on your desktop.

Dropbox Download for Mobile

Downloading the Drop box APP on your Android or iOS device is easy and simple. Just follow the guidelines and instructions below:

  • Go to your Playstore or Apple store
  • Search for the Droupbox App using the Search box
  • Click on Install or Get

Then, the App will automatically be downloaded on your device. Also, don’t forget to launch and grant the App permission on your device to have full access to it.

How to Create an Account with Dropbox

After downloading the Dropbox app on your device. you won’t be able to access all its amazing features without creating an account with Droupbox. You can create an account via its website or with the App on your device. Below are ways to create an account:

  • Go to the official website www.dropbox.com
  • Or to the Drop box App
  • Click on the Get started
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Create your Password
  • Click on the Agree box, to agree to Droupbox terms and conditions
  • Then, click on the Create an Account

Meanwhile, for desktop users you can also create an account using the Dropbox connect. This feature is an optional way to install the App on your Desktop. In conclusion, the above process you will successfully be able to create an account with Drop box and start enjoying all the features of the platform.