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Click frenzy is an Australian e-commerce website and online sales initiative influenced by and based on a homogeneous format to the United States shopping event Cyber Monday. In 2012, the Click Frenzy was founded by the parent company Global Marketplace, and it consists of a number of sales held throughout the year in 2021. Click Frenzy deals with participating retailers to give you all the best deals and exclusive offers from across the retail industry. Also, it centralizes them into one online shopping experience. Shoppers can browse through hundreds of deals. And once they are ready to buy a particular deal they will be linked through to the relevant retailer to complete their purchase.

Furthermore, Click Frenzy is Australia’s first and most popular national online mega-sale event. It brings together online retail brands and their special deals on a centralized shopping platform only 6 times a year, for a limited time period. Once shoppers are ready to make purchases you can actually search by category. Also by brands, products name, item, or just search for an unimagined range of deals on offers. Every year, click frenzy gives premium access to over 1,000+ exclusive deal offers throughout every retailing brand.

When Is The Next Click Frenzy?

The next sale event to anticipate and write down on your calendars is the Click Frenzy (main event). It will commence on Tuesday, November 9th from 7 pm AEDT. And will be live for an enormous 53 hours and will be ending at midnight (AEDT) on Thursday, November 11, 2021. So, shoppers have a full 53 hours to shop for those exclusives huge deals.

Are Click Frenzy 99% Off Deals Really Legit?

Over the years, click frenzy 99% off deals are legit but it is mostly a challenging bargain. A user receives an email during an event. It gives them hint as to when each 99% off deal will go live. Users must be logged into the Website so when a deal goes live in order to receive a pop-up notification. The pop-up will present a question. And those rooting for the 99% off deal must answer the question as quickly as possible (including their phone number so they can be contacted if successful).

Thirty minutes after a 99% off deal goes live. Click Frenzy agency will begin the process of determining the successful shoppers based on the answers provided. All successful members are notified via SMS. Also, it includes a URL and discount code to complete the purchase of the item at 99% off.

How To Get The Click Frenzy Deals?

To get all the amazing and exclusive deals from click frenzy you must be a member by signing up. I will show you below. Once that is done make sure your Adblocker is turned off. Payments are made on official websites. Lastly, note there are likely to be purchase limits. So you might need to be 100% alert to these terms.

How To Be A Member?

To be able to enjoy all click frenzy deals and discounts. You must first be a member and it’s absolutely cost nothing to be a member. Below, I will show you to have a membership account and sign in, here in this article.

  • Simply visit clickfrenzy.com.au
  • Fill in the following details:
  • Enter your email address, password, first name and last name
  • Then enter your mobile number (optional though), gender, and post code.

Click the “I agree to receive emails from click frenzy…” and make sure to read the terms and conditions before hitting the “I agree” button and then click “join now” button. Easy Pizzey.