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Which banks and Cards can I use OR Does Circle K have Credit Cards? On the contrary, Circle Credit Card is known as a peer-to-peer payment technology company issued by Circle Alliance Bank. However, Circle Credit Cards awards users with a mobile payment platform, and Circle Pay. Which allows you to hold, send, and receive traditional fiat currencies. The Circle Credit Cards gives a competitive purchase and cash advances rate of interest to their members. Nevertheless, making use of the Cards in Circle K will benefit OK Dollars. And also, be awarded AEON bonus point which is best offers than any order Credit Cards. It allows Cardholder to spend $200 in Circle K and earn $3 OK Dollars and 200 AEON bonus points.

Circle Credit Card - Application For Circle Alliance Bank Credit Cards | Circle k Card

Furthermore, the Circles Credit Cards give Cardmember the privilege to pay the same rate of interest. On each purchase, they make with the Credit Cards including Cash withdrawals from the ATM. However, the Circle Credit Card comes with security features, which guarantee your protection against frauds when making use of the Credit Cards. Meanwhile, if eventually fall victim to Cards fraud, you are alliable to get a money-back guarantee from Visa. Moreover, the Circle Credit Cards currently support US issued Visa/Mastercard debit cards, UK and European issued Visa/MasterCard debit and Credit Cards. For sending funds only, and a European bank account with an IBAN for cashing out only. While the Circle Credit Cards does not support linking Prepaid and reloadable cards. Either Visa or MasterCard, Gift Cards, American Express Cards, PayPal account and their associated debit Cards, Eurocheque-Karte, EC-Karte, or Girocard, etc.

Circle Credit Card Benefits

Becoming a cardmember of Circle Credit Card gives you simple protective benefits. Besides, there are many rewards eligible for users to benefit from. After Appling for the Circle Credit Cards which will be listed below.

  • It’s enabled users to make use of the Card wherever Visa is accepted. In millions of places all over the globe, make purchases over the counter, make withdrawals from ATMs, that take Visa cards.
  • Stay protected against frauds when making use of the Cards
  • Victims of Circle Credit Card fraud get his or her money back guarantee from Visa.
  • It’s enabled you to pay same rate of interest on the purchase that was made with the Card as including cash withdrawals from ATM.

In addition, the Circle Alliances Bank is the origin of the Credit Card. Which provides you with a low-cost credit card powered by a visa. Therefore, also accept over 25 million merchants worldwide with an inter-banking available, up to 55 days interest-free period, and many more.

Circle Credit Card Requirement and Eligibility

Before applying for an account, you need to know the requirements need that will enable to you have an account and apply for Circle Alliance Credit Card Bank.

  • A Good Credit rating is required
  • Applicant should be able to service the minimum credit of $500
  • Must have a steady source of income
  • And must be at least 18 years of age.

Once you are able to process all this eligibility then you can apply.

How to Apply for Circle Credit Card

Kindly follow the instruction and steps given to you from this content below.

  • Lunch your default web browser and visit the Card Site.
  • Fill in the following details show to you such as Personal details, Complete name, date of birth, Driver’s License number, Martial status, Number of dependents children, residential address, etc.
  • Then, fill in your employment details needed. Such as basis of employment, Occupation, your employer’s name, and contact details, finally Total net income.
  •  Now, enter your Financial information, your assets, and liabilities.
  • Then, provide your security details.

Once you have successfully fill in your correct details, then the application process has been complete. Then, wait for a notification before you can proceed.

How to Check Circle Credit Card Application Status

On the contrary, in order to check you’re your application status. Call the application status lines or check your status online. By logging in to your account click on the menu icon at the upper left corner, then scroll down to application status and click to view your status.

How to make Circle Credit Card Bill Payment

Here are the simple steps to follow to complete this section.

  • Login to your online account
  • Locate the Payment button option
  • Pick a suitable payment option
  • The, make your bill payment online.

In conclusion, to learn more kindly visit their official website for general information and many more updates and enquiries on Circle Credit Card.


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