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Blue cash preferred card is a credit card that is issued to users by American Express. It is an ideal card that can be used for annual fees and are comfortable with its restrictions on where you shop for your gas and groceries. However, this card gives 3% rewards at U.S supermarkets and also gives up to $6,000 annually. The Amex Blue Cash Preferred card comes with a generous rate on the U.S supermarket purchase. Making a great opportunity for families who spends more money on groceries every month. You also have the chance to get 6 percent cash back on select U.S streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Apple Music, and lots more.

Blue Cash Preferred Card - How to Apply for Blue Cash Preferred Card

Let me remind you that there are different bonus categories that you can earn significant cashback. With the increasing number of uses, the Blue cash preferred card is one of the most rewarding cashback cards on the market. There is a whole lot of benefit attached to this credit card, all cardholders can now pay larger purchases off over time for a fixed fee to save on interest. Not only that, but you can also get a shopRunner membership which gives you free 2days shipping with loads of online retailers.

Benefits of Blue Cash Preferred Card

The Blue Cash Preferred comes with an additional spice that adds to its value. Especially for people who like to go on frequent shopping. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Car rental insurance: if you booked or paid for your rental car with blue cash preferred, you will get coverage in case the car was damaged or stolen.
  • Extended warranty: you can add an additional 2yrs on the initial 5yrs
  • Return protection: have you ever tried to return a purchase made with your card and it was turned down. No need to worry because American express will help refund the price to $300 per item.
  • Pay it to plan it: with this, you can pay off small purchase amounts and also split larger purchases. However, you can do a monthly payment plan for a fixed fee with this payment option.

To be able to get all these benefits, you must put all major purchases on your cash preferred card. It also gives you an upper hand to win cash backs and bonuses.

How to Apply for Blue Cash Preferred Card

Applying for your American Express blue cash Preferred card is very easy as long as you have a functional device and a good internet connection. However, you cannot apply for the Blue cash preferred card if you are not 18 and above. Follow these steps below to apply now.

  • Launch your web browser
  • Visit the official website which is https://www.americanexpress.com/.
  • You will be taken to the application homepage where you will provide some information.
  • Enter your full name on the space provided
  • Enter the name you want on your credit card, and also provide your email address.
  • Your date of birth, mobile number, social security number, home address, total annual income, non-taxable annual income, and income source will also be required.

After you have provided this information, you will be asked to select a one-time text message to the mobile number you provided. Then you can agree to the terms and conditions of the card. If you follow these steps you have successfully applied for a blue cash credit card.

How to Use the Blue Cash Preferred Card

For cardholders who spend a huge amount on U.S. supermarket purchases, you will be offered some of the best rewards you can get while purchasing groceries. Follow the steps below to use your credit card.

  • Use the card for all U.S. supermarket, gas station, and transit purchases to take full advantage of the bonus cashback
  • Keep an eye out for Amex offers that align with your spending to earn more bonus cash back
  • Sign up for shopRunner and look for the program logo when you are shopping online, this helps to save on shipping fees.
  • Transfer all streaming service subscriptions to the card to earn rewards on your membership fees.

Amex blue cash preferred is an amazing cash-back card for users who spends a huge amount of money on U.S. supermarket purchases. I hope this article was helpful.


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