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The Amazon Echo spot is one of the best-looking Echo products out there which is a circular, versatile, Alexa-toting video device for your bedroom. However, Amazon Echo Spot is that device appropriate to be in your bedroom, your kitchen, your office which also includes the high-end Echo Plus. Also, the Echo devices are to suit every mood, every room and every budget which Amazon Echo Spot is still the firm favorite. Just because it has everything a user wants from a smart speaker such as a portable design and a video screen.

Amazon Echo Spot - Amazon Echo Spot Review | Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock With Alexa

Amazon Echo spot is at a decent price tag with the heaps of its functionality and a voice interface which is easy enough for tech beginners. However, with features and performance, Amazon’s echo spot is much and more than a smart alarm clock. The screen is relatively small at 2.5 inches with a 480 x 480-pixel resolution with space for the camera on top of the screen. Also, there 3 buttons which consist of volume up, volume down. And a mic mute button with a button to disable the camera too.

What can Amazon Echo Spot do?

The Amazon Echo spot can do everything the Echo show can do just in a smaller cheaper ball-shaped device with a circular screen. However, this includes playing music, answering questions and showing the weather, video calling to other camera-enabled echo devices or smartphones. With the Alexa app or audio calling to other Echo devices which works well despite the small screen. The Product defaults to a clock face with your choice of digital or analog options most of which are attractive. Also, there are options to display photos from your image library and a cycling collection. With information cards diary dates, the weather and trending news.

Does Amazon still sell the Product?

Yes, Amazon is still selling the Echo spot which costs $30 off right now. The product has the same features as an Echo Dot plus. A video screen that allows you to watch video flash briefings. Also, you could see music lyrics, weather forecasts, to do shopping lists and more with just some dollars.

How to Set Up the Echo Spot?

Before all this above-mentioned feature could work. You need to set up the product after you purchase them from Amazon. Here are a few steps on how to set up the Echo Spot;

  • Turn on your Amazon Echo spot via the included adapter with Alexa greeting you.
  • Select your language from the on-screen options which are very important.
  • Then connect to Wi-Fi and Sign in to Amazon with also confirming your time zone.
  • Choose a device name and download the Alexa app then customize your Amazon echo spot.
  • After that, all you need to do is set up the Drop-in feature.

You can also use the Alexa app to connect additional Amazon Smart home devices to your account. Which will allow you to switch the lights, make a coffee and turn on the TV. However, the Product is a very nice Alexa-enabled smart speaker to control your smart home devices.