Alibaba is an online website whereby users get to buy and sell goods on. However, before users can sell any goods or items on the Alibaba website you have to create an account, if not, you will be unable to buy and sell goods on the Alibaba website. Meanwhile, the website designs for buying and selling goods. So before any of this action can take place out on the website, users have to create an account with the website. However, the Alibaba Log in or Alibaba create account allows you to start shopping for various kinds of items for your home, office, and more with the online shopping service.

Alibaba Log In or Alibaba Create Account - How to Create an Alibaba Account | Login Aliababa

Furthermore, creating an Alibaba account is free of charge and does not require installing any app before users can create an account on it. The Alibaba create account page on this website enables you to register for an account where you can easily browse through the content catalog to find items to purchase online. Alibaba log in is a page that authenticates access for you to sign in to your Alibaba shopping account online or via the mobile app. However, all your activities that will be done on the website will be done privately. In the sense that you have to login before you can view or text messages or orders that are requested by customers.

How to Create an Account with Website | Alibaba Create Account

Alibaba Create Account is the stage you have to pass before you can start selling or buying goods on the Alibaba online website. Also, creating an Alibaba account on the website is very easy in which users do not need additional instruction before they can create an account with the website. Meanwhile, steps on how to create an account will be listed below

  1. Launch your Laptop browser, PC browser, or android mobile browser.
  2. On your browser’s search bar, enter which is their domain name.
  3. Click on the “Join Free” button by the top right corner of the page.
  4. You will take you to a page where you will be asked to fill out your profile info. Such as Country / Region, trade role, Email, Password, Company name, Full name, and Phone number.
  5. After that, click on the “Agree and register button to complete your account creation on the Alibaba sign up page.

However, after completing these steps, then you are eligible to enjoy navigating on the Alibaba website. Meanwhile, your trade determines the reason why you are creating the account, and on creating an account, users can either buy, sell to click on the “both” icons. Hence you’ve created your Alibaba account, you can then more to the Alibaba log in section.

How do I Log In to My Alibaba Account | Alibaba Log In

Alibaba log in page, meant for users that have created an account with the Alibaba website in the past. Before you can continue from where you stopped when you last visit your Alibaba account. You have to log in, if not, you will not be able to do anything on the website. Steps on how to login to the Alibaba website using the Alibaba login page will be listed below.

  1. Get either your PC browser or laptop browser launched.
  2. Visit their official website which domain name is
  3. Click on the Sign in icon by the upper right corner of the page.
  4. You will take you to a page where you asks to enter your login details. This includes your Email / Member ID or your password.
  5. After entering these credentials to the login page, then you will be taken to the account homepage.

Make sure you are entering your login credentials correctly because your login credentials stand out to be case sensitive. Creating an account or using the signup page is free of charge. Meanwhile, if you click on any item on the homepage as if you want to buy. You will still be redirected to the login page. So make sure you create an account and you keep your login credentials safe for next time.


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