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With the virtual assistants becoming a daily life more and more which Alexa helps some kids, also some kid’s first words might be Alexa. However, there are plenty of Amazon Alexa skills that were made just for kids so they can get in on the voice-activated action. You might want to launch some fun with your home assistant with your Alexa for Kids we have brought together great skills of the best Alexa for kids. The Amazon Echo device can teach kids a thing or two even staying at home.

Alexa For Kids -  Alexa Skills & Games Just For Kids | What Can Alexa Do For Kids?

Alexa for kids is very useful and important to a parent who wants to communicate more with their kids and at home and make them have fun. However, with hundreds of skills in a huge of categories listed on the Amazon Alexa app or website which will reward with pretty sweet games and activity. Which includes interactive storytelling, math practice, exercise, games to play together and many more. To find the best skills you will need to go to the Amazon Alexa App or the Alexa section of the Amazon website. By starting in the Alexa for kids’ section and look for skills with lots of reviews and high star rating.

What can Alexa do for kids?

You probably know how to play music or check the weather on them. But what about helping your kids go through their daily activities with it. However, your kids will have fun at the best using your voice-activated speaker to entertain, educate and interact with them. Here are a few activities for kids could do;

  • Make noises for any occasion with the Amazon echo 
  • Play Games: with the smart speakers you have plenty of games that your kids can play, from educational quizzes. To just for fun experiences such as Mental Match Game, Star Wars trivia, and jeopardy.
  • Talk with Elmo – if your kids like sesame street they will love interacting with Elmo on Amazon Echo.
  • Brush their teeth – it no secret that many kids hate brushing their teeth. Your smart speaker can help by telling jokes. Teaching your kids about the importance of clean teeth and play music to help them know how long to brush.

Is Platform friendly for kids?

if the right steps are taken Yes Alexa for kids is very friendly. Amazon has provided parents with the ability to configure their Alexa devices. Also, to ensure children will be protected. Which parents need to familiarize themselves with what Alexa can do that may put their children at risk.

Alexa for kids can acts as your kid’s DJ all they need to do is ask for a certain playlist and voila for an instant in-home dance party. However, the platform also allows your kids to learn daily facts or tidbits. Also, about certain subjects like a word of the Day or dinosaur facts.